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I am present near Hebbala in Bangalore city to solve the problem of weak mobile signal in Bangalore. If you need a solution for weak mobile signal inside Bangalore in someone's home or office, please call us, we will reach your home or office and provide the solution.

4G Mobile Signal Booster for Home

The problem of weak mobile single is a very serious problem whose solution is very important. We try to provide the customer with the signal solution according to their requirement like if there is 4G mobile available in someone's home who use airtel vodafone only for that. We have very cheap dual 4G mobile signal booster available which is very perfect solution for home with very low rate.

4G Mobile Signal Booster for Home

4G Mobile Signal Booster

Log Periodic Antenna Outdoor with N Female Connector - 12Dbi

Outdoor Antenna

2G 3G 4G Indoor 9dbi Patch Panel Antenna

Indoor Antenna

LMR300 cable antenna with compleate set of booster for home

Compleate Set

Lintratek 800~2500MHz Power Splitter 2 Way N Type

2 Way Splitter

2 Way Spilitters Frequency of 698-2700MHz to Extend The Additional Ariel One or More Place

2 Way Spilitters to Extend The Additional Ariel One or More Place

Tri Band Signal Booster for office

We have also available signal booster for office purpose in which all mobile network Airtel idea Vodafone Jio MTNL BSNL 2G 3G 4G is available simultaneously according to the area of the office we try to do customer side visit suggestion if office is small So the solution can be obtained cheaply, if the office area is large size, then the price is also likely to increase accordingly.

What causes weak mobile signal problems?

Due to the increasing number of mobile operators and youth, there is a problem of weak mobile signal because with increasing population day by day the number of mobile users is increasing but the companies are not updating their system and not increasing their numbers of towers. Due to the limited number of mobile towers, the traffic in it becomes very high and at the same time some old towers are lying closed, so the signal is getting weaker day by day.

The main reason for weak mobile signal in urban areas is high buildings because no digital signal can cross the thick concrete wall, so due to the construction of many buildings in urban areas, digital signal is hindered from one place to another. Due to which the mobile network is getting weaker day by day.

One of the main reason for the problem of weak mobile network is day by day increasing generation 2G to 3G 4G and now 5G is coming but mobile operators are not updating the system so the network is getting weak because due to increasing generation too much from tower The network is not able to reach the distance because due to the high bandwidth in 4G 5G, its signal is able to get strong 4G only in the near around the tower.

Solve the problem of weak mobile signal

To solve the problem of weak mobile network:, you should check the signal strength by going to the settings of your mobile phone. Signal strength for voice calling should be around -50 to -70, if your phone is set in 4G LTE mode and the signal strength - Above 100 then the voice will not be able to clear, in this case you should shift your mobile from 4G to 3G which will increase the signal stand and the sound will be good but the data may be weak for which you need to install 4G Mobile Signal Booster Which will help you to increase 4G single.

Change Mobile netwok 4G to 3G

Install Mobile Signal Booster: If you do not want to change your mobile network setting then you may have to install 4G 5G mobile signal booster in your home or office. Nowadays, the service of installing or upgrading 4G 5G mobile signal booster is being provided in the Bengaluru City. Signal Booster has the ability to increase the speed of voice clear and data speed along with increasing the power of mobile network.

Mobile Signal Booster Bengaluru

We are providing Mobile Signal Booster Installation or Upgrading Service in Bangalore City for almost 5 years. We have installed thousands of mobile signal booster at our customer’s office or home who are completely satisfied with our service. We are installing 4G 5G mobile signal booster with 1 year warranty as well as upgrading old 2G booster to 5G.

Why Choose Us?

We have nearly 15 years of experience in installing signal booster or providing weak mobile signal solution, so that we provide solutions to people with weak signal problem by installing 4G 5G mobile signal booster in their home or office. We have technical experts and have a very good team of consultants who are ready to reach our clients at their doorstep and solve their problems.

We provide solutions by installing high quality signal boosters on arrival at the doorstep of the customer and also provide 1 year warranty.

Nowadays, there are many types of products available in the online market which confuse the customers and also prove to be unusable after purchase. We have installed signal booster in all the cities of India, our old customers are fully satisfied with me. There are many types of 4G 5G mobile signal booster are selling by online website like: Amazon flipkart AVA CellBoost, this which proves to be useless for the customer but we reach their home and do the work of installing the signal booster after satisfaction of customer.

We have installed almost millions of signal booster devices in every city of India, so if the customer wants to know about our device in the nearest city or market, then we first tell the customer about our device or which our old customers has been established here to get them checked. So our customers buy mobile signal boosters after being completely satisfied with us.

We arrive at the customer's home first and provide a free demo to the customer, understanding the customer's requirements, so that our customer is fully satisfied, if our customer is fully satisfied with our device then only we the customer here We install our mobile signal booster, if our customer is not satisfied then we do not install our device at the customer nor any taking charge from the customer.

We provide free mobile signal booster repair service to our old customers. If our old customers have mobile signal booster installed and it is not working properly then we will do mobile signal booster repair at their home and provide a solution to their signal problem.

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What is Mobile Signal Booster?

Mobile signal booster is also called repeater and amplifier; usually it works to repeat any signal. This is a wireless mobile signal booster to promote mobile reception. With the help of two antennas, the outdoors signal provides in your indoor.

Cell Phone Signal Booster is a Repeater System. Which amplify the mobile signals present in the outdoor and transports inside your home with the help of repeater.

Mobile signal booster is made up of three types of devices, one external antenna, second amplifier and third internal antenna. These three devices work together to replicate the mobile signal from one place to another. We are going to tell you here that how this cell phone signal booster helps to improve the problem of weak single and we will explain in detail about many types of devices. So you can choose the device to recognize your needs.

The external antenna is installed in the upper part of a house so that the waves coming from the cell phone tower can receive the direct external antenna and there is no obstruction in the middle. The function of the external antenna is to receive the signal from the cell phone tower. The important role in installing signal booster of any type is the external antenna because the external antenna is the only signal received from the cell phone tower. Shall works if it reaches amplifier external antenna has been installed in the right place then signal amplifier will not work the whole way.

The amplifier external antenna is located in the middle of the internal antenna which extends the signal received from the external antenna to the internal antenna. There are also many types of amplifiers. You can use the amplifier as per your requirement. If you have to strengthen 3G 4G signal then you 4G single amplifier is required.

A very important role after the external antenna is also of the internal antenna. The internal antenna is installed in the center of the house as the internal antenna is used to spread the signal received by the amplifier all the way around the house if the internal antenna is connected to the house. If installed in the corner, the signal will not be able to reach all the way inside the house because the work of the internal antenna will cause the signal to surround. The internal antenna needs to be installed in the center of the house.

Different Types of Signal Repeaters

There are several types of repeaters available in the market, many of which are mainly shown below 4 Repeaters. You can use one of these four devices as per your requirement.

Tri Band 2G 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

Tri Band (2G 3G 4G) Mobile Signal Booster

Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster is very useful for office and commercial use because it has all the mobile network Airtel Idea Vodafone MTNL BSNL 2G 3G 4G available and it covers approximately 3000 to 5000 square feet area. It has been designed keeping in mind all types of mobile phones so that the smart phone keypad iPhone can get the network.

Lintratek 2G 3G Mobile Signal Repeater

2G 3G Mobile Signal Repeater

2G+3G mobile signal boosters is designed to be used at home, it is a great option for home use because it has all 3G network of Airtel Idea Vodafone MTNL BSNL and 2G networks available only to the Airtel Vodafone. This is proving to be a great mobile signal booster for voice calling because the 3G network is essential for voice calling to the iPhone.

2G 4G Dual Band Signal Repeater

2G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

2G 4G Repeater is designed according to data speed, this is the best option for airtel vodafone Jio because it has available for 4G data speed and 2G voice calling.

3G Singal Band Repeater

3G Mini Signal Booster

3G Mini Signal Booster is a very cheapest mobile signal booster, which is a great option to use in a small house and shop. In this you will get an All GSM 3G network in which only Smartphone’s can run, small phones with Keypad cannot get a signal, hence it is only successful for 3G Smartphone’s.

Our Latest Product

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Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

signal repeater installation scheme
mobile signal booster installation service in bangalore
Netwrok Repeater Installation Bangalore

How the Signal Booster Works?

We want to tell you according to the picture given below how the repeater works. It can be very helpful to establish a signal booster in your home or office. Therefore, please read the information given before you install the signal booster and then think about setting up a signal booster.

How the Signal Booster Works?

outdoor antenna

outdoor antenna

Indoor Service Antenna

Indoor Service Antenna

LMR 300 or LMR 400 Coaxial Cable

LMR 300 or LMR 400 Coaxial Cable

Splitter 2-Way, 3-Way


Installation Diagram

Installation Diagram of Signal Amplifier

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Do Cell Phone Boosters Really Work?

Yes, of course, our signal booster is very useful as it works to provide the signal outside the home or office with the help of external antenna and cable firmly inside the house or office. You can use the signal booster in your home or office. You can also use mobile data very fast with voice calls inside.

Unfortunately there are some signal boosters available in the market that are not completely useful for the customer because people do not get the kind of work that is advertised, causing confusion in the minds of people.

All the signal boosters we install work by installing them in the customer's home or office by proving useful to the customer with high quality, which works by providing a strong signal inside by replacing the weak outside signal.

The customer needs to pay attention that any signal booster will work as long as it keeps getting the signal from outside, because its job is to carry the signal from one place firmly to another place, so if the house The signal booster cannot be used in its entirety due to the lack of signal outside or on the roof.

How does a booster strengthen signal strength?

The high quality external antenna and wire make a significant contribution to the process of amplifying the booster signal as the external antenna captures the singular outward current and requires a high frequency cable to reach the booster with high bandwidth if only. If you are weak then you cannot guarantee the voice quality and data speed, because 4G 5G bandwidth is high, 4G 5G data can be used only when it can get a network with high bandwidth, so attention needs to be given that Wires and outdoor antenna contribute significantly to increase signal strength.

There are mainly 2 parts to strengthen the signal.

1. The first high quality external antenna collects the weak signal present outside and sends it to the booster with the help of wire. The booster works by spreading the signal inside the house by strengthening the received signal with the help of internal antenna.

2 The second part is to bring the signal communication back to the Send A tower because the power of the cell phone is limited, due to the lack of communication and power of the phone, the mobile communication links are not able to get back to the tower, so when mobile get strong signal using the booster, the power of mobile is to transmit and transmit power to a greater distance which is communicated through mobile and tower.

Which mobile signal booster is best?

So far in India, lintratek 4G mobile signal booster has become very popular because people are unable to get internet speed due to weak signal of 4G in most cities of India, people use the lintratek 4G mobile signal booster to install at home to increase internet speed.

It is up to the people to choose which network they need, eg 2G signal boosters would be better for you if you only need to install a signal booster for voice calling. And 2G signal booster is also available in low rate, if you want to increase internet speed with voice calling then you should buy 4G mobile signal booster Thank you.

4G Mobile Signal Booster

Why you should buy 4G signal booster?

Now with digitalization in 2020, People have to install signal boosters in their hotel or home to maintain strong signal because the signal is very weak inside most home hotels or offices, people start getting voice breaks during important phone calls that cause people to lose their business, which is why there is a need to install 4G mobile signal booster.

In a few years 4G mobile signal booster has gained a lot of popularity in all cities of India as the major network operators have switched to 4G by switching to 3G service in all cities of India.

What Customers Say

  • My village is located 10 km away from the city in Gujarat, 2G network is found inside our house but 3G and 4G networks are not available due to we are facing problems in running data on mobile if you have any type of solution to the problem, tell me please.

  • Dear Team, GoodDay!!

    We have gone through your website we are facing the signal issue in our office and we are locating in the 12th Floor and our employees are using the major network such as Vodafone, Airtel and Jio.

    I have updated the contact detail in your website kindly check and call back to get more details regarding the booster pack and we are locating in Taramani area ascendas IT park.

    Kindly inform to your team to update the same regarding signal booster.

  • We have to install Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster inside our office, in which all mobile network Airtel Idea Vodafone 2G 3G 4G is available.

  • Our office is in the basement where no mobile network is available and we need a lot of 4G networks. Is there any 4G mobile signal booster available which can solve our problem?

  • We need to install a mobile signal booster in our office. Can you send an engineer to our office which can tell us which booster will be useful to us and how much the price will be.

  • Can you tell us what is the reason for having a poor mobile network and what is the solution.

  • Do you have any mobile signal booster in which available all mobile network 2G 3G 4G Airtel Idea Vodafone and Jio

  • We visited your website and find out that you are a Mobile Signal Booster Solutions Provider. Can you please demonstrate at our house whether your device is useful to us or not?   Thank you.

  • Hello, As we have talked to you that our office is present in the basement where the mobile signal is very weak, we need Tri Air One signal signal booster. So, please send us an engineer in our office to do the survey.